Ardell Remy Lashes 780, False Strip Lash made of 100% Premium Remy Hair with Invisiband, 4 pairs

Ardell Remy Lashes 780, False Strip Lash made of 100% Premium Remy Hair with Invisiband, 4 pairs

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  • FULLER LASH LOOK, SEDUCTIVE ALLURING EYES: Gorgeous, fluffy perfection—get it with Remy Lash 780! Ardell Remy Lashes Style 780 is clustered for a fluffy 3D effect, and with a coquettish flared silhouette, creating a soft, eye-brightening look. These sexy, voluminous pairs of false eyelashes feature Remy soft, fine fibers with tapered tips, with an undetectable lash band for the most comfortable wear. Great for a date night, parties, photoshoots, and even for daytime wear. What’s not to love?
  • KERATIN-INFUSED FAUX LASH GLAMOUR: Ardell Remy Lashes 780 has delicate natural curls that add length and volume on your natural lashes! Keratin-infused supersoft, tapered tips inspired by the salon Keratin Lift process are specially designed to create a softer fiber and hold the curl longer. They’re double-stacked, medium in length, and full yet weightless which makes them extra glamorously captivating to make your eye makeup so fabulous! Perfect glam blinkers to put on for any occasion!
  • 3D CLUSTERED, FLARED LASH STYLE: Elongated in the outer corners and shorter in the inner corners for an instant cat-eye look! Wider and brighter appearance to complement any makeup look. Add noticeable length to open up your eyes and have that fuller, luxurious flared effect that many will find irresistible! Ardell Remy Lashes 780 is not too overpowering, not too light- perfect for users who want to try something sexy but don’t want anything heavy! Fit to size, cut accordingly, and glue away!
  • PREMIUM-GRADE, 100% REMY HUMAN HAIR: Remy Lashes 780 from Ardell are handcrafted, made of premium Remy hair - the finest quality of human hair to create an ultra-bold lash look. Featuring Ardell Knot-Free Invisband with a lightweight undetectable band that will let you forget you have falsies on. Designed for perfect uniformity, absolute comfort, and will complete your eye makeup while providing an outstanding natural lash look! Perfect for falsies-lover who want to achieve alluring eyes.
  • REUSABLE FAKE LASH QUAD PACK: Recommended by regular users and lash experts! Great value for money with its easy application, reasonable price, high-grade quality, and portability. These 4 pairs of falsies are totally reusable and will last for multiple applications when stored properly. Best use with Ardell Lash Adhesive, be assured that they won’t easily fall apart and hold up throughout the day. Overall, Ardell Remy Lashes 780 is a stunning pair of glam fake lashes at an attractive price!
  • Brand: Ardell Store
  • Color: Ardell Store
  • Model: Remy Lash 780
Size: **4 pairs** | Color: **Remy Lash 780**
**Ardell Remy Lashes 780, False Strip Lash made of 100% Premium Remy Hair with
Invisiband, 4 pairs**
**Superior Quality, Supreme Attitude**
When only the gold standard will do! **Ardell Remy Lashes 780** features 100%
premium-grade keratin-infused gold standard Remy Hair for silken smoothness
and fine, tapered tips that blend seamlessly with your own natural eyelashes!
Dark, voluminous, with a flared crisscrossing lash style creating fluttery,
sophisticated feel that completes and enhances your overall eye makeup,
cosmopolitan look. Get your glam blinkers on and be insta photo-ready!
**Luscious Eyelashes, Knot-free Invisiband For A Seamless Fit**
Straight from Ardell - your Hollywood A-list trusted beauty brand, features
Ardell’s Signature Knot-Free invisiband that provides an undetectable lash
band and the most comfortable wear that disappears and smoothly blends with
your natural eyelashes. Wear on special occasions and have that gorgeous,
glamorous extra look. Use this along with our Ardell Fake Lash Adhesive and be
assured that your falsies will stay on all day, all night!
**Easy To Apply False Eyelashes**
Have an easy and uncomplicated application that speaks delicate and natural
volume with **Ardell Remy Lashes 780 False Strip Lash**! They’re easy to trim
to size if needed and meld into your natural lashes perfectly. These beauties
will give an almost undetectable boost of length, volume, and definition that
breathe life to your eyes. Perfect blinkers to complement whatever makeup
style you’re wearing. Spice up your day with this special Remy collection and
jazz up the look to a hundred!

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