Britenz Natural Teeth Whitening Pen, .05 fl. oz.
Britenz Natural Teeth Whitening Pen, .05 fl. oz.

Britenz Natural Teeth Whitening Pen, .05 fl. oz.

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  • Whiten your smile in just hours
  • Formulated for sensitive teeth
  • The key ingredients are proven safe and effective in teeth whitening
  • Easy and safe to apply, Britenz is an instant gratification product as results begin to show with each use
  • A gentle minty taste that feels refreshingly clean as your teeth are whitened
  • Brand: Britenz
  • Model: 3094
### Product Description
Britenz is an easy to use pen that applies an all natural effective and
refreshing teeth whitening formula in minutes. It contains natural ingredients
designed for gentle teeth whitening at home or while on the go. Use in the
office, in the car or anywhere. Notice a difference in just hours. Formulated
with safe ingredients to deliver the most amazing results in the shortest
amount of time. Just turn the base of the pen clockwise, then apply whitening
gel to the area of your teeth you'd like to be brightened. Rinsing is not
necessary. Britenz is safe to use everyday.
##### Britenz Brush-On Teeth Whitener
Britenz is the NEW, refreshingly simple way to whiten your teeth. Britenz
contains the same powerful whitening ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) along with
our unique natural formula to help the gel adhere while soothing and
protecting as your teeth are gently whitened. There is no need to rinse and
Britenz leaves your teeth clean and minty fresh. Just use it two times a day
after brushing for best results and allow it to sit for 1-3 minutes and you're
done! You get quick and amazing results, there are no bad fitting mouth pieces
to wear, and it's even formulated for sensitive teeth!
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#### A Pen That Freshens and Protects
The Britenz Brush-On Teeth Whitener is your perfect solution to whiter,
brighter teeth without spending the time or the money at a dentist office. It
is dentist formulated for effective whitening power with natural ingredients
including Coq10, Aloe, and Vitamin to soothe and protect your teeth when using
it. It is easy to use; all you do is turn the base and brush it on. There is
no need to rinse. Britenz is convenient and can be used anywhere at any time
and has a minty fresh taste. Just brush it on, let it sit, and enjoy a whiter,
fresher smile!


#### Is Britenz a Gel or a Paint?
Britenz is a professional whitening gel and is definitely NOT a paint. The gel
contains the same ingredients used by dental professionals to whiten your
teeth. Additionally, there are other natural ingredients to help clean and
protect your teeth while leaving your mouth feeling minty fresh.
#### How Britenz Works
Britenz works similar to most dental products. The Britenz gel contains
hydrogen peroxide, a natural whitening ingredient, and several other healthy
ingredients to support whitening. The gel holds to your teeth long to gently
whiten. We use a grade and level of hydrogen peroxide that is safe to swallow
and is actually produced by your body.
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#### Ingredients
Xylitol, Aloe Vera, CoQ10 (Ubiquinol), Tocopheryl (Vit. E.), Hydrogen
Peroxide, Vegetable Glycerin, Potassium Nitrate/Stannate, Guar Gum, Cellulose,
Citric Acid, Natural Peppermint Extract. 100% natural Xylitol has been proven
to be beneficial for oral health and tooth enamel. Organic Aloe Vera is ideal
for healing and soothing, in addition, aloe addresses plaque and tarter build-
up. Studies have shown that CoQ10 has beneficial effects on maintaining
healthy oral care. Natural Peppermint extract has been used for centuries as a
natural breath freshener. The Britenz unique and proprietary blend has also
been formulated for sensitive teeth. If you are experiencing sensitive teeth
or gums, you should consult with your family dentist immediately prior to
using any teeth whitening product. With all teeth whitening products,
individual results may vary.


#### Instructions:
1.Remove cap from Britenz Whitening Applicator.

2\. Gently turn base of pen clockwise until whitening gel appears on bristles
of the brush (in the beginning 20-30 turns may be required).

3\. Dry teeth with tissue or soft cloth. Apply a very thin layer of whitening
gel to each desired tooth. It may be applied two to three times a day.
Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs. Consult dentist if sensitivity lasts
longer than 72 hours.

4\. Brush a thin layer of gel on the teeth that you desire to be brightened.

5\. Replace cap securely when finished to avoid drying of brush.

6\. Rinsing is not necessary. Britenz is safe to use every day.

7\. In order to achieve maximum results, avoid eating, smoking, coffee, tea,
red wine, and other consumptions that might hinder the whitening process for
approximately one hour.

8\. For best results, continue use for 2 to 3 weeks uninterrupted.
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#### Precautions:
1\. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children 16 years and
younger. This product is designed for adults with mature teeth.

2\. Use only as directed.

3\. Do not use if you are pregnant or you are attempting to conceive a child.

4\. If eye contact occurs use clean water to rinse eyes thoroughly. If
irritation persists, seek immediate medical attention. If any health problems
occur while using product, call a Poison Control Center immediately.

5\. Avoid getting product onto tissue.

6\. Avoid direct contact with fabric.

7\. If redness, soreness, or swelling occurs in the mouth, discontinue use
immediately, if irritation persists for more than 72 hours, consult with a

8\. Britenz Teeth Whitening will not whiten caps, veneers, fillings, bridges,
dentures, and crowns.
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#### Customer Comments:
"Whitens evenly, even between the cracks… "

"Great for sensitive teeth…"

"Fresh tasting, affordable whitening…"

"The smart new way to whiten…"

"Teeth whitening has evolved…"

"Love the fresh feeling, great first impressions…"

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